Monday, April 27, 2009


I couldn't decide if I wanted to buy Stampin' Up markers or Copic markers. This has been a major dilemma for the past few weeks so I figured I'd go for a walk to Curry's and check out the Copics to see if I liked them or not. Art stores tempt me way too much and seeing all those colours made me want them all. In the end, I decided just to get a few basics and start from there. I bought a couple of greys for shading, plus two skintones, a blender and basic black.

I haven't illustrated since I was a teen. I had a great talent for sketching but never pursued it because I was introduced to music before I had a chance to express my own desire for drawing. So here I am years later not playing the piano or violin but stamping, colouring and drawing instead. As a mother, I hope that when my son is older I'll be able to pick up on and foster his natural talents instead of what I want for him the way my parents wanted me to pursue music because it was their interest.

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