Friday, April 17, 2009

Christmas Card #2

Wow, I'm on roll here. This is the last card of Geno's order and I'm excited to ship them out. I have to admit I stole the idea for this card from the one my husband made for me this past Christmas. It's really the mountains that make this card but the polar bears are adorable, too. In my husband's card, he centred the one polar bear with the tree as if they were the only two living things in the vast barren arctic. His mountains were also perfectly cut at 90 degree angles and lined up. I don't think mine look half bad though considering I cut them freehand! For my card, I decided to add a second polar bear in the foreground. This card was a huge hit with the kids.

Sources: Staples cardstock; Provo Craft papers; Sunshine Designs stamps; Memories Black ink; Laurentien pencil crayons

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