Monday, October 18, 2010

Birthday RAK from Angela

Look what arrived in the mail today after more than four weeks! I'll tell you what happened and then I'll talk about the fun stuff. LOL If you think it's big, it is! It even says so on the ticket. ;) Angela sent me this package for my birthday (same day as hers) and after two weeks, we were wondering where it was. No doubt, we were mad at the postal service! After two and a half weeks, I was sure it was lost and then I started feeling sad. Three weeks later, it arrived back at Angela's house! :O She resent it and it's finally here. Now I'm feeling big relief and happiness. How about that fun card? The wrinkles are obviously due to the fact that it passed through the postal service three times. Hmph. What makes this story even more ridiculous is the fact that Angela only lives about a five-hour drive from me! But after all that waiting, it was nice to get this mega package of goodies that I can't wait to play with. There are Halloween goodies including twine, sparkly cardstock, scrapbooking tickets and two huge stacks of Mat Stack 4 die cuts! I'm so giddy, I can hardly type. Thanks so much for this awesome birthday present, Ang! Better late than never. :D


Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

Don't you just love the postal service! LOL! I sent a prize RAK to someone when I hosted a VSN years ago and she didn't get it until 6 months later!!!! She got a note from them saying it had been stuck in one of the sorting rollers!!! The good news is that it arrived with only a tear in the card, but the goodies were undamaged!

I am loving that orange and black twine!!!! You must find out where she got that! ;)

mustavcoffee said...

Hi there Emily,

No wonder you were a bit surprised, it took so long! What a fantastic card and great pressies Angela you are a star!!

Lucky you Emily, have fun playing:0)xxx

Meg said...

OOOOH! Definitely worth the wait! Love that fun bright card the fabulous Ang made (the rolling hill! precious!) and woo-hoo did you score on some awesome goodies! Can't wait to see what you make with them!

Angela said...

Hey, that's me! Whew, that card looks like it's been through the wringer...of course, I guess it has!
I'm also glad it made it in time for you to use the Halloween goodies, at least.

Oh, and Emily (both of you, I guess!) -- the twine is from Martha Stewart, but I think it's from last year's Halloween collection...might be a collector's item by now!

Amberbop said...

I guess it was a real birthday surprise! Surprise!!! We didn't lose it! Haha. It's a national attack on snail mail!

Angela, what sublime taste you have. I love all that stuff. I'm going to hunt for some of that twine. Spider cookies seem to require it, now that I know it exists.

Angela said...

{Thanks, Amber!}