Wednesday, October 13, 2010

RAK from Angela

I received this amazing card in the mail today from Angela. It's beautiful and it makes me so happy! Fall is my season and I love fall colours. I noticed a few things about this card when I pulled it out of the envelope - the bracket punch (on my wish list), the canvas impression (have it and love it), and the shine on the image (she's enabling me again). Oh, and the panel of patterned paper at the top wraps around to the back. I love that! If you're interested in the supply list, please visit this post. Thanks for this beautiful autumn surprise, Ang!

Speaking of RAKs, it's about time I sent out more of my own. I had planned to package and address them all last night but was stricken by ever so painful back spasms (the reason to come in a later post). I had a moist heating pad on most of the evening and ended up flat on my back wanting to dial 911. It was that bad! Finally, after taking a couple of Advil and finding a position that probably released whatever nerve was pinched, I felt much better and was so relieved. That being said, certain followers will be receiving goodies from me in the next week or so. ;)


Angela said...

Hey, it made it! Looks pretty good, if I do say so myself -- nice photo! Glad you like it.

mustavcoffee said...

Way to go Angela, gorgeous card:0)
Ooh Emily, poor you, I do hope you're feeling better and the pain has gone for good, it sounds as if it was excruciating:{ xxx