Monday, October 4, 2010

Birthday RAK from Meg

It's true. I waited 16 days for this card and there are only three states between Alabama and Ontario. The term snail mail most definitely applies here! In fact, you're going to see how utterly ridiculous the mail service is when you read my next post. Don't worry, I'm not really shafting the postal service. I honestly can't because my Dad worked with them for 18 years... or maybe it's the reason I can. ;) In any case, Meg will be very happy to hear that my birthday present finally arrived. Hooray! Meg already knows that I love this very fashionable card which you can read more about here. What's in the little bag? It's an assortment of buttons from Papertrey Ink! I love the colours and they're definitely going to come in handy. Thank you, Meg!


Angela said...

Ding dang it, she beat me! Unless, of course, the next post is mine, in which case I take it back ;)

Cute card (of course), nice buttons (they look familiar!). That Meg's a keeper.

mustavcoffee said...

Brilliant up to the minute card. Love the sentiment, he he he, well done Meg :)0 xxx

Meg said...

Yeah! So glad you FINALLY got it!!

And glad that I beat Angela! I win!! :)

Hope you can put the buttons to good use.