Monday, October 4, 2010

Birthday RAK from mustavcoffee

I received not one, but two belated birthday gifts in the mail today! I was actually expecting another package from the U.S. and I was pleasantly surprised with this package from the U.K. Based on the fact that a package from across the pond beat something from Michigan really baffles me about the mail service! A couple of days before my birthday, mustavcoffee posted this card on her blog and you can read all the details here. Isn't it beautiful? Photos are lovely but there's nothing like having the real thing in my hands! I love the layers, the textures and that gorgeous bow. I can't forget how wonderfully customized it is. If it ever have my own stamp company, I'm going to borrow this sweet lady's handwriting to make sentiments! Also included was a package of iridescent rhinestones. Yummy! Thank you, my dear friend!


mustavcoffee said...

Gosh! that took a while to get to you Emily, still I'm glad you've got it, enjoy my friend :0) xx

Meg said...

What a great card! The US/Canadian postal system really needs to get its act together!