Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happenings of the Heart

I just realized that I never took a photo of the inside of my box from yesterday's post so here it is. The papers are a combination of Amber Ink iPapers, Making Memories and Provo Craft. The colours are just scrumptious and looking at them makes me want to make a bunch for myself! My son has this Fisher-Price construction site and loves to put the stars on the dynamite platform and blow them up. LOL

What's been happening? Two nights ago, my son fell while wearing his sunglasses which cut his face and we had to go to the emergency room. The cut had to be glued and he was so good about not touching his wound for the first 24 hours. Then he ripped off the glue and the wound split open again. He actually asked to go back to the hospital as if it were a fun adventure! I applied surgical tape to the cut and so far he hasn't tried to peel it off yet. So for the past couple of days, my son has been very grumpy and emotional, hence my lack of posts at the start of the week. Honestly, I think he's recovering nicely and handled the whole situation better than I did.

Recently, I discovered these amazing stamp sets sold by Dwell Studio. This one is definitely on my son's Christmas list! In origami news, I've made several attempts to make one of these Christmas stars and I haven't been successful yet but I'm determined so one of these days you will see one here on my blog! I've also been drooling over the JCrew Holiday catalog. I really love this sweater in particular. The ruffle details and pockets are so cute! :)

Can you believe I only realized tonight that I could download multiple photos on to Blogger at the same time? Duh. :) Oh, and I removed word verification to make it easier for you to leave your awesome comments! I also have a new tab that stores all those moments that make my heart smile big time. :) That being said, I will have two posts for you tomorrow!!


~amy~ said...

Ugh...your poor boy:(.

Love the fun stars!!!!

I love the sweater!!!! Thanks for removing the word verification....I have 750 blogs in my google reader & it makes it so nice to not have to type the words because it seems like I never get them right the first time..

Tejal said...

Oh the little one..I hope he feels better soon..I had a similar episode..I was with my nephew and had taken him for his vaccinations..the doc decided to give him 3 pokes together and this fella was laughing away merrily!!! mind you he's only 4 months old..

Thanks for getting rid of word verifications..I find them a pain to type..

sending big hugs to your kiddo!

Ujjwal said...

I loved those stars in your last post and now they look all the more better sitting together in that pretty box :)

I hope your son is feeling better now.

And thanks for removing the word verification!! Its really a pain because sometimes a type a comment and move onto the next blog and do not even realize it wasn't posted because of word verification :D

Smita said...

Aww.... I hope the little one is better now. Big hugs to him all the way from India!


Yvonne Russell said...

Oh my gosh... hope you're son is okay. The stamp set is so cute...lots of fun ahead.

Janna {Papiersalat} said...

hope your son gets better soon, Emily.

Btw: which size do you use for the stars?


Alice Wertz said...

i haven't made any of those paper stars in a while, so happy to see them again! =) hope your son's wound is healing well.

Heather said...

Hope your little one is getting back to himself. It's amazing how resilient children are! Love the stars, watched the tutorial yesterday, can't wait for some 'me' time so I can have a go.

Angela said...

Lots of fun stuff here -- and I certainly hope the little one is feeling better! Now I gotta check out all your links -- and stalk my mailbox for the new JCrew (I dub thee queen of enabling!)

mustavcoffee said...

Oh Emily, poor you! it's rotten when our children hurt themselves but I think it hurts mum almost as much as the little ones, I'm so glad he's healing well:0)
Love the little stars they are so cheery, lovely cardi, reds good!
have fun:0) xxx

Vicky Hayes said...

I love this post. Wonderful to see all the stars and it made me chuckle that your son blows them up with his construction site toy! I hope he's okay - and I hope you're okay! It's horrible when your little one hurts themselves badly. Love the Dwell Studio stamp set - perfect for a boy!And I'm another one who wants to give a heartfelt thanks for removing the word verification. I persevered because I love your blog!

Meg said...

Oh no! I hope the little guy (and mom!) are recovering well!

That box of stars is just so cool! Maybe I'll let my kids make some before Christmas break.

You'll have to let us know how lack of word verification goes--I got two spam comments the first night I took it off, so I put it back on.

And can't wait to see how much your "recognition" tab will fill up in the coming months!

Cristina said...

Oh, I feel you on JCrew. I walked into the store today and could have bought everything I saw. They have a so much great stuff right now! Yikes! And thanks for the Dwell stamps tip. Not that I need to spend more money on stamps. ;)