Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day and a Few RAKs

I hope those of you who celebrated this weekend had a wonderful time with your fathers. I celebrated twice this weekend. On Friday, we treated my husband at Uncle Betty's for the first time and the food was so good. We will definitely be going back there! On Saturday, my son made this Octonaut-themed card for his Dad.

He chose all of the different elements, including the colours and shapes, but he asked if I could assemble it for him. Here's the inside. He's particularly proud of the colouring he did here and he dictated a super sweet message for me to write to his Dad.

My parents were here for dinner tonight for the usual salmon steaks and I paired them with caesar salad and stuffed pasta. I baked blueberry oatmeal bars and my Mom brought a couple different desserts, too. We were stuffed! I presented my Dad with this card.

Ever since I got the new Stepping Stone Alphabet stamps, I wanted to try them out so this was a perfect opportunity to do that. As I've mentioned before, my Dad has a massive garden but this is the first year he couldn't care for it because of an inoperable hernia. I made sure to put a flower on his card. I added a photo of me, my Dad and my sister from the 70s to it and that was the part he loved most. Everyone thought it was really cool. I guess having a printer is a good thing! ;)

Since we're on the subject of Father's Day, I realized that I didn't post two of the cards my husband made for me in my last Cards from Friends post. Several of you had asked where they were so here's the one he made for Valentine's Day. It's from him and our son, hence the two penguins. Heehee.

This is the card he made me for Mother's Day. It's his home made Octonaut scene using stamps (whereas the one our son made this weekend was printed). Our son calls himself Captain Barnacles the polar bear, my husband is Kwazii kitten and I'm Peso penguin because I'm the family medic. LOL

And if you'll bear with me, I've received a few more cards from awesome friends so I'll share them, too. This first one is from Glenda Wyatt. Her sweet card is full of yummy Hero Arts stamps and washi tape! I love the little button and tiny clip, too.

This next card is from Jen Wills whom I had the pleasure of meeting last summer. I can't wait for her next trip to Toronto or maybe I will end up in Bermuda instead. LOL I love the beauty of this card and the meaning behind it.

Next up is a card from Angela H. who happens to be the Growing in Unity Gal this week so hop on over to her blog starting tomorrow for loads of aweome Unity projects and a chance to win stamps! I love this clean and simple scene Ang created with embossed Hero Arts houses.

This last card is from Caroline Bredeson who also sent along a bundle of flannel with penguins on it! She wanted my son's Pinguini to have a little blankie of his own. Isn't that the sweetest? Caroline's card is so pretty! I could never make a card like this so I love having one to hold and admire in person.

Thank you, friends, for gracing my home with your amazing creations! Your mail hugs mean a lot to me.


Annette said...

aww your father's day cards are amazing...and so sweet all the cards you got from are so nice...

Hope you enjoyed your weekend.. :)

Emily Keaton said...

The card for your dad is AMAZING, Emily! Your son's cards are the cutest, too. Lovely cards from friends, as well. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!

alexandra s.m. said...

Thank you for this great post Emily!
Hope you had a wonderful week-end!

Glenda J said...

Ok, love everything! D's card are so fun and I love the card you did for your dad. Fabulous. Always love that your hubby makes cards for you. Thanks for the shout out - love the other RAKs too.

Lynn said...

All of the cards are beautiful Emily. I love the Baba card. So, so sweet. And the card for your dad is fabulous!

onecraftymama said...

AHHH, where do I start??
I love D's card for his dad :) And how fun does Octonauts sound...they're so cute! I love that you get to be the medic ;)
Your card for your dad is amazing - I love how you've coloured the overlapping elements, and including a photo is genius! It makes it so beyond personal :)
And as for your hubby's cards, washi tape? He has to start making more cards. We love them.
The RAKS are all awesome - and it gave me such a grin that Pinguini will have his own blankie. You are much loved, Emily!

Bumblebee said...

great cards, my son also loves Octonauts, and I've been asked to make his birthday card as an Octonauts one (in the UK our main children's channel shows peoples sent in birthday cards, but they have to be A3-A2 size, so that's what I'm faced with creating!!)
I love that your hubby makes you handmade cards, my hubby also tries his best to make some for me, but as my craft cupboard has become bigger and more complex he's struggled to know where to start! Thanks for sharing all the lovely cards you have received.x

joy said...

What a wonderful post, Emily! I love all of the cards you have shown; but, especially your card for your Dad. He will cherish this one for years to come, I'm sure!

Sarah said...

Those Octonauts cards put a big smile on my face. My little guy says I'm Peso too.

Lindsey said...

What an awesome card for your dad; just perfect. It goes without saying, of course, that D's card for his baba is terrific. :) And what lovely cards from friends (and husb!) -- must keep you smiling!

Monika Reeck said...

Hi Dear Emily....I am sorry I never jump to your blog cause of my School you can also see my blog is empty since Oct 2011...and I LOST your email address too dear... :) would you mind to send me a mail to my mail address..

Hey is that the card from your hubby oooh sooo sweeeeeet very hubby doesnt want to touch my paper or go to my are lucky dear...and is that foto of you and your DAD...nice foto dear..

And I am soo happy that you are now the HOSTESS on hero are a FASTER WOMAN I told you about hero arts you was already DT on many blog and now you are on HERO ARTS...I am proud being your friend...

Sorry if this is too long you can cut it LOL cause I lost your mail address dear..miss you and big hugs. (Would you mind to pop up to my empty blog dear?)

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

Those are some amazing father's day cards! LOVE the Octonaut-themed card! FUN design and great coloring:)

LOVE all your RAK--you are so lucky to receive such beautiful cards:)

canadian_liner said...

Emily, thanks for including my humble card with those of the TRUE artists! And isn't it fun when the family gets into the crafting supplies?
I have to know: what does RAK stand for?? Big hugs, C.

walchowDesign said...

Such a sentimental card which you made for your Dad, Emily!

Love all your RAK (what does RAK stands for?) and you are so blessed with so many friends!

Jen W. said...

Awww! I always love seeing hubby and little dude's cards. :) The one you made for your dad is awesome and the picture is the perfect touch.

You're going to need a room in your house just for displaying RAK!! :)

Lisa Arana said...

the father's day cards are so fantastic. D has your eye for the perfect elements. :) Your card for your dad is absolutely amazing. I love it.

you are well loved my friend. <3

Winnie said...

I had to pop back when I saw the Octonauts card! My friend does the voice for the girl photographer Dashi. So, even though I have no kids, I am watching it. Such a great show. Love that your little one loves it!