Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cards from Hubby

Yesterday my husband and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary so I thought I would share the card he made for me as well as the Valentine's Day card he made with a PCS panda last month. I don't think many husbands raid their wives' craft supplies and secretly craft in the evenings. If yours does, I'd love to see what ultra special cards you've received! I think it's so sweet and funny when my husband asks me, "How do you colour with your Copics? What if I want to blend? Do you have any anniversary stamps?"

I must admit this is an extremely creative idea that I never would've dreamt up myself. I could never figure out how to use this DCWV Green Stack dp and I'm thrilled to see how well my husband used it! After my husband presented me with the card and I gushed over it, he said, "Do you want to know how I made it?" LOL Basically he finished gluing the papers together and couldn't figure out how large to make the word bubbles so he took it to work and scanned the card, then created the sentiments and cut them out. :Þ

I described in this post how my son loves to call out everything by the sounds they make. There are certain words he can say depending on the letter they begin with and there are some of them. The "Canadian" beaver is yelling, "Go, go, go!" My son got that from watching the Olympics. Gwirl=Squirrel. Ssti=Stick, which is difficult for him to pronounce but he tries so hard. Lumaca=Snail in Italian. :) Click-click...for some reason my son thinks birds make a clicking noise which he may have gotten from Peep and the Big Wide World but I'm not sure. He knows owls hoot and dogs woof but sometimes he mistakens other animals like mice for dogs because they do look like miniature dogs depending how they're drawn. That's why the one beaver is woofing. So there you have it, a day in the life of my son. :)

See you tomorrow for a special Pink Cat Studio Easter release!!!

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