Monday, July 18, 2016

{Neat & Tangled + Chibitronics Video} Interactive Light-Up Card

I'm especially excited about today's post and video because it's a very special birthday card for my son, combining Neat & Tangled products with the Chibitronics starter kit for something fun, interactive and unique!

Quite a few of you also asked how I made THIS Minecraft Creeper card so this collaboration was the perfect opportunity to show you. My son's crazy about Minecraft Creepers and anything Creeper-green so this is the ideal card for him.

Here's a look at the card lit up. It felt so strange photographing a card in the dark since, normally, this is not something we cardmakers want or like! ;)

I'll admit to reading the entire instruction booklet before making this card. I normally feel comfortable jumping into the unknown when it comes to creative things but electronics is not my strong suit. Now I'm really glad that I learned something new - something that I thought would be complicated - and that it was so easy to use!

Be sure to check out Chibitronics to learn more about their products and for tons of creative ideas on how to use their product.  Thanks so much for watching!



Natalie s said...

I can imagine your son's expression when he sees this card. He might just like the card better than the present!!!

donna mikasa said...

Be sure to take a video of D's reaction to this awesome card--I'd love to see it!

Lindsey said...

Just possibly the coolest card ever. :)

Unknown said...

Absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing

Mary-Anne V said...

He's going to love it...what a fun card. Happy Birthday to your little one.