Tuesday, August 28, 2018

{Technique Tuesday} Scholarly Goats

What can I say? I'm a book lover and I love goats! LOL It was only natural to combine Gertie and Garth with Planner Bookworm. I love that the little planner set includes three types of books. While I love books in their traditional format, I'm now an eReader convert. My first eReader was a Kobo Aura and I recently bought a second eReader, in the form of a Kobo Clara, because my son was hogging my Kobo Aura. I do love that he is addicted to reading so it's all good! ;)

Naturally, I had to feature all three types of books from Planner Bookworm on these two cards. I actually made the more clean and simple card first but I'm going to show the busier one first. I started by stamping multiples of the books and Gertie and Garth.

Since Planner Bookworm doesn't have coordinating dies and I had to fussy cut them anyway, I decided to do the same with Gertie and Garth, just like in this other card I made previously. Sometimes the images look better without the white border that result when using dies.

I used a generic border die to create my hill but it's very similar to Cars on the Border, which I did not own until after I finished my card. I will use that next time I need to create hills! I sponged all of the backgrounds with distress inks (colours linked below) and splattered with shimmer mist. I also added some chunky confetti glitter to anchor the two goats in the foreground.

It seems like I don't make clean and simple cards very often but they were my original style when I first started crafting and it always feels very satisfying to create one that I love. That was the case for this simpler card.

I swapped out the word BACK and used one of the other sentiments 'Here's LOOKing at you kid' with some selective masking to stamp the word BOOK. On the first card, I did the same thing but inserted the word BOOK between GOATS' and CLUB to modify that original sentiment.

I had so much fun creating these two cards and I can't wait to send them to my bookish friends! I hope I've inspired you to mix and match your stamp sets. You never know what you'll discover.

Thanks so much for stopping by!



Purple Princess said...

Super cute goats!!

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Lindsey said...

These are so much fun! Your selective masking/inking of the sentiments is amazing. And the goats! So cute. Although I wouldn't be surprised to discover that goats prefer eating books to reading them... :P

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