Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Valentine's Day Cards from the boys

After every special occasion, I get messages asking to see the cards my son and husband made me so here are their Valentine's Day cards! If you didn't already know, we're a very weird and quirky trio. ;) We love cute and funny things and with all the new games we started playing during the pandemic, we've become completely obsessed and competitive about everything.

Just before the pandemic officially began in 2020 and right before our first lockdown in March 2020, I came across a new stuffie line called Squishmallows at our local pharmacy. A couple of months before, during a game of Scrabble, I laid down all seven of my tiles to spell the word widgeon, a small river duck. I didn't know this word at the time but it looked like a word and I gambled and won. Now we call mallard ducks (and all ducks, in general) widgeons. One of the Squishmallows turned out to be a widgeon so, of course, purchasing it was a must. My son wasn't even interested in it at first but he quickly grew to love it and is now obsessed with it. It's his favourite. Since then, we've collected quite a few more Squishmallows, including those of my (panda) and my husband's (beaver) personae.

Anyway, Damian's card cracked me up so much because he turned the Taylored Expressions' Hot Flash Grumplings into us. He transformed the hedgehog into a beaver by adding buck teeth and a tail. His transformation of the chick into a widgeon, especially the tiny tag on his head, is the ultimate. He also used Big Grumpy - Valentine, Mini Caps Alpha & #sBuilding Blocks - Happy Additions, Petite Scallop Mini Slim Stacklets and Stitched Mini Slim Stacklets.

We have two games that we're completely obsessed with playing and those are Upwords and Unstable Unicorns. If you haven't heard of them, you need to check them out! Upwords is a word game like Scrabble but with a twist and Unstable Unicorns is hands-down the best card game ever. In fact, we've added two expansion packs to the game, making it more difficult and strategic.

My husband's card is clearly based on Unstable Unicorns and he also used Hot Flash Grumplings and Big Grumpy - Valentine. He coloured the zebra as a big unicorn, added the little unicorn and speech bubble from Lawn Fawn's Say What? Christmas Critters, as well as a masked partial sentiment from Technique Tuesday's Hanna the Horse (you can see one of my projects using this set HERE).

I hope you enjoyed seeing the boys' creativity!! I certainly love my cards and I made a hilarious Instagram Reel that you can watch HERE. Thanks so much for stopping by!



Lynn said...

This was a very good and charming post. I love hearing about your family life and seeing their creations. Both of the Valentine cards are excellent and show real creativity and skill by the artists.

Lindsey said...

Hedgehog into beaver and chick into widgeon? That is some stellar work - although interesting that only the panda is without wine. ;) I'm also a little worried about the blue liquid in The zebra's hand. :D These really are both terrific cards! Kudos to the men in your life.

LIZARD said...

These cards are great and you have some super creative boys! Thanks for sharing them with us. Plus the next Scrabble word I wanna use!😀