Monday, August 10, 2009

Panda Cupcakes

I admit it outright. I'm a panda fanatic. I love panda everything. When we lived in San Diego for 2.5 years we had an annual membership to the Zoo and went there almost every week just so we could see the pandas... not to mention the otters and the meerkats. :) Seeing them live didn't satisfy our love for pandas either. We had to watch the Panda Cam 24/7 to watch the cubs grow! Since the pandacam has a postcard feature, I captured and saved hundreds of photos. Well, I am once again addicted because Bai Yun just had another baby last week! Here are two photos of her cuddling and cleaning the cub. I know you want to say it so go ahead. "Emily's craaaaazy!" LOL

Anyway, all this talk about pandas really has a point. Yesterday we had my son's first birthday party and I made panda cupcakes. He loved watching me make them and one of the words he's able to say is "Ca-!" because we have a cat. He thought I was making cats even though he has a million stuffed pandas and I told him I was making pandas. It was so funny watching the expressions change on his face as he was trying to figure out what I was doing while I was putting the faces on the cupcakes. The party went smoothly despite everyone being late when the megastorm of the summer arrived. The little guy smashed his cupcake and didn't really eat any of it but that's what we expected him to do. It was a lot of fun!


Stamp and Smile said...

These Panda cupcakes are just beautiful Emily!!! And Happy 1st Birthday to your son!! Now I'm hungry... yummy! SMILES... :)

Pryn said...

You should open up your own cupcake shop...yet another adorable cupcake!